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ZeniPAD PLUS is a multilayered, waterproof composite dressing with four distinct layers for versatile use as a primary or secondary dressing. The first layer is a nonadherent contact layer, that protects the wound site and without sticking to the skin. The second layer is a nonwoven pad for absorption to aid with absorbing minimal to moderately draining wounds. The third layer is a breathable, polyurethane barrier film that prevents exudate strike-through. The fourth layer is a conformable, adhesive-coated fabric tape that includes rounded corners to prevent premature lifting. ZeniPAD PLUS promotes a moist healing environment while protecting as a bacterial barrier from outside contaminates.


  • Size Options: 4x5, 6x6, 4x10
  • Aids in partial to full thickness wounds
  • Designed for minimal to moderately draining wounds
  • Promotes a moist healing environment