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TwoPress® Two-layer Compression System



The TwoPress two-layer compression system is a combination of two non-woven bandages. Layer one is made of polyester and elastane, is white in color and is 7.1 yards long. Layer two is made of polypropylene and elastane, is brown in color and is 8.9 yards long. The brown one has a cohesive layer on both sides and the white one has a cohesive layer on one side. The non-active and non-sterile device is available as a kit. Both bandages are 4” in width.


  • Size Option: Regular, Lite
  • Provides consistent, sustained compression of 30 mmHg over a seven-day period
  • Easy to apply and comfortable to wear, while allowing patients to wear regular footwear
  • Promotes patient compliance
  • Not made with natural rubber latex