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Petrolatum Gauze


The Petrolatum Gauze Non-Adhering Dressing is a fine, soft, comfortable gauze impregnated with USP white petrolatum. The gauze is designed to provide a non-adherent packing for full-thickness wounds, providing a moist environment that is conducive to wound healing. The natural compounds found in the petrolatum create a barrier that surrounds the wound from being penetrated easily from contaminants that can harm the area. The non-adherent design means removal of the dressing causes minimal trauma to the wound bed and patient.


  • Sizing Options: 3x9
  • Thickness of dressing leaves a protection layer that prevents bacteria
  • Dressing will not stick to the healing wound or wound bed
  • Management of full-thickness chronic wounds such as stage II-IV pressure injuries, tunneling wounds and noninfected wounds
  • Latex Free