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NoTraum EXTRA Silicone Bordered Foam


NoTraum EXTRA Silicone Foam Dressing consists of a silicone wound contact layer, a super absorbent pad, a polyurethane foam and a vapor permeable/waterproof polyurethane film. The multi-layered construction facilitates dynamic fluid management to provide optimal moist wound environment. The gentle silicone layer can be moved without losing its adherence. Also, this layer can minimize pain and trauma to the wound and the surrounding skin. The absorbent pad layer provides superior absorption and locks exudates away.


  • Size Option: 6x6
  • Adheres easily and securely to dry, intact surrounding skin
  • Minimizes the risk or maceration
  • Decreases need for dressing changes and risk of post-op complications
  • Waterproof and air-permeable
  • For moderate to highly exuding wounds
  • Designed for partial to full thickness wounds