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MediHoney® Hydrogel


MediHoney Non-Adhesive Hydrogel Sheet Dressing is a moist wound dressing made of Leptospermum Honey in combination with a hydrogel gelling agent contained within the dressing mass. With its super absorbent polymer technology, MediHoney dressing provides high absorption and fluid handling capability. As wound exudate is absorbed, the dressing forms a gel. This assists in supporting a moist environment for optimal wound healing and allows for non-traumatic removal.


  • Size Options: 2.4x2.4, 4.3x4.3
  • MediHoney has a low pH of 3.5-4.5 and high osmolarity
  • Is an occlusive dressing and requires a second dressing
  • Transparent dressing offers visibility to the wound
  • Aids and supports autolytic debridement in acute and chronic wounds and burns
  • For non-draining to lightly exuding wounds