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FlexiCol® Hydrocolloid


FlexiCol is an adhesive hydrocolloid. The surface of FlexiCol is dirt-repellant and water-repellant, facilitating daily personal hygiene. As the hydrocolloid absorbs the wound exudate, a gel is formed, ensuring a moist wound environment. The gel layer prevents FlexiCol from sticking to the wound. The beveled hydrocolloid edges ensure good adhesion even in problematic areas. Dressing changes do not irritate granulation tissue or epithelial tissue and cause minimal discomfort for the patient.


  • Size Options: 2x2, 4x4, 4x4 (Thin)
  • Thin beveled edges reduce potential roll-off
  • Conforms well to body contours and is comfortable to wear
  • Quick and easy to apply with a secure initial adhesion
  • Not made with natural rubber latex