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Econo-Paste and Econo-Paste Plus Calamine are cotton gauze bandages that stretch and easily conform to the body. Both bandages feature a non-hardening zinc-oxide paste that promotes wound site healing, helps ease skin irritation and soothes inflammations, rashes, ulcers and other related conditions. It also promotes a moist healing environment making it useful for burns and open sores. Econo-Paste Plus Calamine offers the added soothing properties of calamine to the high-quality zinc-oxides paste bandage.


  • Size Options: 4”, 4” w/ calamine
  • Flexible, fold-free application
  • Provides a 20-30 mmHg gradient compression
  • Can cover with an elastic or cohesive bandage for added compression
  • Aids in effective management of venous leg ulcers and inflammation of ligaments and tendons

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