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Conco conforming stretch bandage provides light compression and stays securely in place when used as a secondary dressing. Conco’s uniform weave creates a strong bandage that clings to itself and confirms to difficult-to-dress body contours. It has soft polyester fabric for patient comfort that is woven to give the light compression. The finished edges of the bandage minimizes lint and help reduce the chances of unraveling.


  • Size Option: 2”, 3”, 4”, 6” (All lengths are 4.1 yards long)
  • Secures dressings in place with minimal risk of slipping or constriction
  • Clings to itself when overlapped
  • Aids in applications that require controlled compression
  • Designed for superficial to full thickness wounds and burns
  • For lightly to moderate exuding wounds
  • Not made with natural rubber latex