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CoFlex® TLC Zinc 2-Layer Compression System



CoFlex TLC Zinc is a two-step, non-latex compression system. Layer one is a foam roll with zinc that provides comfort and absorbs drainage. Layer two is a short stretch, moisture-resistant compression bandage that provides the proper levels of working pressures to promote venous return. This system is designed to work together and provide continuous restorative compression for up to one week. A nylon stocking is included for ease of use and patient comfort. Apply the nylon stocking over the completed dressing for ease of movement under clothes and on bed sheets.


  • Size Option: 4” wide
  • Delivers a two-step short stretch performance with calming benefits of zinc
  • Combines the benefits of a traditional Unna boot with compression therapy in a much cleaner two-step process
  • Visual indicators provided for ease of application - ovals become circles when the intended compression is achieved
  • Easily torn by hand