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Baza® Protect Moisture Barrier Cream



Baza Protect Moisture Barrier Cream, manufactured by, Coloplast is an incontinence care item that relieves skin irritation caused by incontinence. Baza Protect Moisture Barrier Cream provides a barrier of moisture helping to prevent skin irritation and inflammation. This product also contains zinc oxide and dimethicone. Thee active ingredients soothe the skin as well as condition it, making rashes and inflammation more manageable and allowing the area to heal. Cleansing of the skin can have the risk of over-drying. The Baza Protect Moisture Barrier Cream features skin conditioners to help with over drying and discomfort.


  • Size Option: 5oz tube
  • Provides effective relief from inflammation of diaper rash
  • Creates a barrier of moisture aiding in the prevention of diaper rash-related skin conditions
  • CHG Compatible
  • For use on intact to slightly excoriated skin