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Foley-Tie® Foley Catheter Legband


2" Wide Band

The Pepper Medical Foley-Tie Foley Catheter Legband is constructed from elastic and is secured with a Velcro brand hook. It features a one-piece, blue locking tab that easily secures all types of Foley catheters. It's comfortable and adjustable with a 2” wide band and a maximum length of 24”. The catheter legband prevents the movement of the catheter, which can potentially cause urethral and meatal irritation. It is also designed to reduce accidental (and painful) tension and removal of a Foley catheter, which minimizes trauma.


  • Fits most children and adults
  • Extremely comfortable and will not pull leg hair or pinch skin
  • Alternate between legs to prevent skin breakdown
  • Does not constrict blood flow to the veins or range of motion