Sorbalux® All Purpose Gauze Sponge

Sorbalux® All Purpose Gauze Sponge


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Sorbalux sterile all-purpose gauze sponges are made from soft polyester/rayon non-woven material. These sponges provide a soft surface for granulating wounds. They are absorbent and fast wicking to reduce the risk of infection and minimize dressing changes. Sponges include a pre-cut slit to fit neatly around chest, tracheostomy feeding, gastric and I.V. tubes to provide efficient patient care. This feature eliminates the incidence of wound contamination caused by loose threads when sponges are cut manually.


  • Size Options: 4x4, 4x8
  • Absorbent and fast wicking
  • Packaged in peel-back sterile pouches
  • Easy to apply
  • Not made with natural rubber latex

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