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Lubricating Gel Deodorant



The Securi-T Lubricating Gel Deodorant is an effective ostomy deodorizer that will leave the user’s ostomy pouch smelling as good as new for extended periods of time. This gel is a great alternative to other gels that cover up ostomy bag odors because it actively neutralizes and prevents odors, rather than masking them. This item is formulated as a gel, so it is easy to later drain back out of the ostomy pouch when necessary. In addition, this ostomy pouch deodorant comes in an easy-squeeze bottle with a small, screw cap opening, so it is easy to use and manage without worry of spills and messes.


  • Size option: 8oz.
  • Long-lasting deodorant
  • Actively neutralizes and prevents odors
  • Bottle designed for hassle-free use
  • Easy to drain out of ostomy pouch